Hardenbergia violacea ‘Mystic Marvel’

Hardenbergia violacea ‘Mystic Marvel’ is a bicoloured climber or ground-cover.

Product Description

Hardenbergia violacea ‘Mystic Marvel’ is an attractive bicoloured selection. It can be used as a climber, ground-cover or makes an excellent specimen in a large tub. In spring the plant will be covered in soft two-toned flowers. ‘Mystic Marvel’ tolerates a range of soil types and is quite hardy once established.

Product Features

Origin: Selected by Courtney Whitton.
Uses: 'Mystic Marvel' is ideal for courtyards and small gardens or can be mass planted to form a groundcover or used as a climber on a trellis or fence..
Maintenance: Can be trimmed after flowering if necessary.
Protected by Plant Breeder's Rights.
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