Brachyscome ‘Whitewash’

Brachyscome ‘Whitewash’ is a new introduction from The Australian National Botanic Gardens.

Product Description

Brachyscome diversifolia var. maritima ‘Whitewash’ is an outstanding addition to any garden as a border plant, groundcover or mass display.  Large white flowers sit above the soft green foliage through the warmer months.  It prefers extra water during dry periods and will grow in most soil types.

Product Features

Origin: 'Whitewash' was selected by the Australian National Botanic Gardens
Uses: Mass displays, cottage gardens, large tubs
Fauna: Attracts butterflies, hoverflies and other native insects.
Maintenance: Can be trimmed as required to keep in shape or cut back to rejuvenate. Fertilize with a low phosphorus fertilizer after flowering.
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