Leptospermum ‘Mesmer Eyes’

‘Mesmer Eyes’ is a hardy medium sized shrub.

Product Description

‘Mesmer Eyes’ is a very hardy medium sized shrub that grows to approximately 1.5 meters tall and 1 metre across.  It has large flowers that occur in spring, opening white and changing to pink as they age.  The colour change gives the plant a delightful two-toned appearance. The large flowers have dark centers and stamens that resemble eye lashes. This gave rise to the name ‘Mesmer Eyes’

‘Mesmer Eyes’ is both drought hardy and frost tolerant once established. It can be planted in mixed shrub beds or native gardens.  This plant responds well to pruning and can be trained as a topiary plant.

Leptospermum ‘Mesmer Eyes’

Product Features

Origin: Developed in a Breeding Programme from a cross between Leptospermum scoparium nanum rubrum, L macrocarpa and L deuense
Uses: Good for small gardens or large pots. Ideal in a feature spot where the two toned flowers will make quite a show. Excellent trimmed as a hedge plant.
Fauna: Attracts a wide variety of nectar feeding insects when in flowers. These attract native birds and other wildlife.
Maintenance: Trim and fertilize after flowering as required.
Protected by Plant Breeders Rights. PBR 3019
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