Grevillea ‘Knockout’

A small hardy Grevillea with red/yellow flowers.

Product Description

A small hardy Grevillea with an amazing display of red/yellow flowers. ‘Knockout’ grows to approximately 1 metre tall and wide.  It has dense dark green foliage.  This plant is a big hit during winter into spring, when it can be smothered in flowers.  Once established, this plant is both frost hardy and drought tolerant.

Product Features

Origin: From a cross between Grevillea 'Fireworks & Grevillea 'New Blood'.
Uses: Provides flowers in the garden from autumn to spring.
Fauna: Attracts nectar feeding birds
Maintenance: Prune as required. Fertilize with a low phosphorus fertilizer in spring or autumn.
Protected by Plant Breeders Rights. PBR 4636
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