Grevillea ‘Hills Jubilee’

Grevillea ‘Hills Jubilee’ was selected by The Hills Grammar School in Sydney for their 25th jubilee year

Product Description

It is an attractive small shrub that flowers profusely with pink and white flowers.  ‘Hills Jubilee’ grows to approximately 1 – 1.5m high and 1m across.  It flowers from spring to autumn and will attract nectar-feeding birds to the garden.

NOTE: This plant is sometimes sold incorrectly as Grevillea ‘Aussie Sunset’.

Product Features

Origin: Developed from a cross between Grevillea baueri x G. alpina x G. rosmarinifolia 'Lutea'.
Uses: Hardy shrub that tolerates both cold and dry conditions. Suitable for planting in heavy clay soils.
Fauna: Attracts nectar feeding birds
Maintenance: Can be trimmed to maintain compact shape if required. Fertilize with a low phosphorus fertilizer in spring.
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