Grevillea gaudichaudii variegated Gaudi’s Ghost

A hardy ground-cover with variegated leaves.  New growth has a pink tinge which later turns to white

Product Description

This plant is a variegated selection of Grevillea gaudichaudii.  It is a fast growing ground-cover with pale green leaves and burgundy coloured toothbrush shaped flowers.  The new growth is pink and the older leaves usually have a fine white margin.

Grevillea gaudichaudii Gaudis Ghost planted as a ground-cover.

Product Features

Origin: Developed from a selected sport on Grevillea gaudichaudii.
Uses: Groundcover.
Fauna: Attracts nectar-feeding birds to your garden.
Maintenance: Prune lightly after flowering. Fertilize with a low phosphorus fertilizer.
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