Grevillea ‘Bloodline’

Grevillea ‘Bloodline’ is a medium sized shrub growing approximately 1.5 metres tall x 2 metres wide growing in a cascading habit.  It has bright red flowers that can occur during most of the year but particularly from spring through summer.  ‘Bloodline’ will tolerate heavy frosts and will grow in a wide range of soil types.  It is best planted in full sun but will also grow in part shade.

Product Features

Origin: 'Bloodline' is a hybrid developed at Bywong Nursery
Uses: Good for small gardens or large pots. Ideal in a feature spot where the prolific red flowers will make quite a show.
Fauna: A magnet for nectar feeding birds.
Maintenance: Can be trimmed to promote new growth which will encourage more flowers.
Protected by Plant Breeders Rights.
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