Correa ‘Jezabell’

Correa ‘Jezabell’ is a small rounded shrub.

Product Description

Correa ‘Jezabell’ is a small shrub growing to approximately one metre tall.  It has dark green leaves and red bell-shaped flowers.  The flowers occur during autumn and winter.  ‘Jezabell’ is frost tolerant and drought hardy once established and can be planted in semi-shaded sites.

Correa ‘Jezabell’ plant

Product Features

Origin: Developed from a controlled pollination, as part of our breeding programme.
Uses: Makes a great pot plant in a large tub. Can be planted in small courtyard gardens or mass planted in landscapes.
Fauna: A magnet for nectar feeding birds.
Maintenance: Trim after flowering if required.
Protected by Plant Breeder's Rights. PBR 4248